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Google Ads Campaign Management for all kinds of Businesses

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The best Performance Marketing team in India.

Campaign Management and Optimization

  • Targeted Ad Campaigns
  • Continuous Optimization
  • A/B Testing

Reporting and Communication

  • Detailed Reporting
  • Open Communication
  • Insights and Recommendations

ROI-Centric campaigns (2x Min)

  • Goal Alignment
  • Maximum possible ROI
  • Performance Guarantee

Our Work All around the World

1. Google ads for an E-Commerce brand 22x ROAS with $88.5k revenue

2. Google Ads for IT Courses 2.6x more leads 50% CPA Reduction ↓

Our Process

Research and Planning

Define Your Goals, Identify Your Target Audience, Conduct Keyword Research, Analyze Competitors

Campaign Setup

Create Ad Groups, Write Compelling Ad Copy, Design Landing Pages, Set Up Conversion Tracking

Launch and Monitor

Set Your Budget and Bids, Launch the Campaign, Monitor Performance, A/B/C/D Testing & optimization

Optimization and Scaling

Analyze Data, Optimize Keywords and Bids, Refine Ad Copy and Landing Pages, Scale Your Campaign

SEO Process

Award Winning Google
PPC Company in India

We have a 100% practically proven process which can make you 10x bigger than your competitor.

Google Shopping Ads
Google Search Ads
Google Remarketing Ads
Google Calling Ads
YouTube Ads
Local PPC Ads
Google Display Ads
Performance Max
Google Express

Achieving a Minimum of 2x ROAS is easy when executed properly.


Google Accounts Managed in 2024 Alone

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all websites need SEO?

If their customer acquisition is Internet Dependent, then yes. All those websites need SEO.

Why is SEO so Expensive?

SEO is not at all expensive, It’s an investment. 6 Months of continuation and the money prints itself.

How to choose the best SEO Agency?

Expertise and Experience are the two most important factors in choosing the best SEO agency.

How does SEO work?

We start with keyword research, then we strategize your content around those topics which are in demand and easy to rank and make sure it complies with the E-E-A-T Algorithm. Then, we make sure your site is technically ready for delivering a great user experience to the searchers. Next, we make sure you have a solid and relevant backlink profile and reputation. Takes 6 Months to grow this tree, but it gives fruits till the next year.

Will you be able to rank my business in 1 Month?

Sorry we can’t, please lookout for some Spammy agencies out there. They’ll help you.

Which is the affordable SEO company in India?

Every company is affordable.

Is SEO Free of cost?

Yes, when you do everything on your own.

How much is the Local SEO per Month?

This is calculative in nature, the price starts at 25,000 a month but it depends on your expectations. Higher the expectations, higher the price and vice versa.

What is the ROI in SEO?

Some brands report that they get 3x to 4x ROI on the amount they spend on SEO.

Is SEO needed monthly?

No, it is needed daily. But the billing is monthly.

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